Marco Gallotta

Marco Gallotta, born in 1974, has always been a chef. His father was a surveyor, his mother a housewife with an outstanding culinary talent. “When I was a child I liked to play football, but my true passion was watching my mum as she was busy cooking in the kitchen. Nowadays, I spend most of the time in the kitchen, and when I am not cooking, I travel searching for products and flavours all around Italy, a country which never fails to satisfy me. In each and every region, I run into people who reveal new culinary worlds to me, precious hints to be noted down and cherished. I taste new dishes and jot down my sensations because remembered dishes become an extraordinary opportunity to inspire my creativity”.



A detail-oriented catering service: from the mise en place to the organization and optimization of supplies, up until what the kitchen offers. Italian products personally sought and selected.

Private Chef


Do you want to amaze and pamper your guests with a dinner, lunch or party worth remembering? The way I see a “private chef”, it’s a sartorial and personal work. The meal is planned and created together with the client….