In 2005 Marco Gallotta starts up his first individual effort, realizing his intention to achieve autonomy, on the strength of his kitchen experience and managerial skills achieved through the years. A decision informed by his the desire to bring his experience into a project designed by Marco Gallotta. Escaping from the siren calls represented by a number of very exclusive restaurants, Marco and his two partners join forces and open a place off the beaten track in Rome : Primo al Pigneto. Choosing to locate in the suburbs can be seen almost as a challenge: to win-over, by the quality of his dishes, a clientele willing to follow him from the city centre, and to support the regeneration , at that time, of an abandoned district. Eight years later, Primo al Pigneto continues to be a popular attraction for gourmets, curious clients in search of unusual tastes, professional restaurateurs and food wine enthusiasts.

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September 2012: the pact with Pigneto neighborhood has been renewed, and this time it’s a completely different project. No gourmet cuisine or exclusive wine selections, rather a place which could guarantee genuine, selected and inexpensive products to clients. This is Rosti’s philosophy: a democratic and genuine cuisine. A 700 sq m garden, always open and open to all. Three dining rooms together with their social tables highlight the desire for conviviality, but above all we offer quality meat, organic flour and seasonal garden vegetables. Marco’s other passion, besides food preparation, takes shape thanks to Rosti project: his continuous and passionate research for typical local products.

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Other projects

One of his future projects is to develop one of Marco’s meetings, a meeting which occurred by chance, and which soon became an energy-producing source, full of empathy and collaboration. It took place during the Easter of 2007 and Marco was surveying the pastures, fields and farms of the Maremma region. On the same day , Roberto Tistarelli, an atypical farmer, was preparing his lambs for sale. The two meet, talk and, as happens in the happy ending stories, a mutual admiration was born , with exchanges of professional experiences and a shared passion and respect toward the territory.

Nowadays, Tistarelli is Marco’s official supplier. A particular collaborative relationship between farmer and restaurant owner, sealed with a professional work carried out in the natural Maremma laboratory, with a particular care toward the country and the livestock and with the chef’s commitment to guaranteeing quality and taste to his clients.

For some years now, as well as managing his own restaurants, Marco has been a fine dining business consultant, involved both in cookery and management aimed more specifically at the development and the general running of this business.